Just Because You Don’t Talk Anymore

Just because you don’t talk anymore, doesn’t mean that you have forgotten about them. It doesn’t mean that you no longer care. Truth is, you still do. You always will. You do your best to check up on them, to see how their doing. To see if they are okay, but every time you get the urge to talk to them, it hits you that, you’re strangers. They don’t want you in their life, hence the reason why you’re no longer a part of it. But even though everything’s changed; you just want them to know that you’re still here. You are there for them. You always will be. You will still lend them your shoulders and your ears. You don’t care what time it is, or what you are doing. You would not hesitate to talk to them, because half the time, you wish that they were talking to you. You just really miss their presence. You miss them being your friend. You just miss them in general. 


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