By starting this blog, i’m hoping to teach others the true power of love, and to connect with people. People who need that other person. People who need someone to talk to and tell them that it’s okay. I hope to create a place where people can share their stories and know that they are never alone in these places. I ask that if you are currently struggling, or have struggled in the past and are willing to share your story, that you submit your story along with the name you would like to go by (if you don’t feel comfortable going by your own name) below. For those of you who aren’t ready to share your story, that is perfectly okay. Just know that i am here to listen and to encourage you, along with anyone else who takes a part in this blog and these stories. To be that support system you need. To be your safety net. If you’re looking for a sign that everything will be okay, this is it. So, breathe. Relax. You’re alive and that’s all that matters.

You are not alone. It will be okay–no matter how long it takes or what you need to do–it will be okay. Please, if you are struggling with anything at all, if you just feel alone and need a friend, or if you just need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to contact me by messaging me on any of the platforms listed here. I will listen. I will be there for you. If you would like to submit your story to the blog, you can do so herePlease do not go, there is still time. Please do not give up, there is still hope.


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